The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer

jared shear, redwall, escape the gloomer, stormfin, gloomer, rat, pike, fish, rodent, art, illustration, digital art, underwater, painting, game art, battle, adventure, fight,

I had the opportunity over the last year to work on the game, The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer.
The game is based off the Redwall series of books created by Brian Jaques.  More info about the game, and how you can purchase it can be found at

Bob Marshall Wilderness

Jared Shear, Montana, plein air, art, painting, wilderness, oil on linen, burn, trees, Bob Marshall,

Jared Shear, art, painting, oil on linen, Bob Marshall, wilderness, landscape, plein air, Montana,

Jared Shear, Montana, art, painting, plein air, wilderness, pretty prairie, landscape, oil on linen,


Jared Shear, plein air, Montana, wilderness, oil on linen, trees, aspens, landscape, art, painting

Jared Shear, Montana, art, painting, oil on linen, pretty prairie, wilderness, bob marshall, landscape, gouache, watercolor


Just returned from a horseback trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The great part was that I was able to attach my painting gear onto the back of some unsuspecting mule. Another bonus was that I got to eat much better than I do on most of my backpacking trips. Here are my paintings from the trip, as well as a few photos.